VGD offers solutions for all actors who contribute to the development of an agriculture closer to the consumer, more natural and less energy-consuming.

Our motivation is carried by the consideration of the double stake which is the expectation of consumers in terms of quality and respect for the environment and the need, for you, to produce in the optimization of the quality of your crops. Thus, our ambition is to make every effort to get the best out of your operations, because we are aware of the burden of each investment and the need to find effective, long-term responses to the hazards climate we know.

VGD is a manufacturer of LEDs and software solutions dedicated to horticultural lighting.  It deploys in a few days, whatever the existing Park (greenhouses, indoor, HPS/LEDs…), a turnkey lighting system (hardware + software complete or just software modules) in addition or replacement of natural light, which:

  • improves plant growth by crop type and growth phase,
  • reduces energy consumption thanks to LEDs and real-time piloting,
  • minimizes the use of various inputs by maximizing illumination,
  • drastically improves m2 yield and crop distribution.
  • optimizes cycles: year round, crop rotation, early germination…)

From the seed to the plate

Solutions for key players in the value chain

We are able to bring solutions in different specializations and agricultural and related trades, indoors or outdoors, regardless of the scale of the operation:

  • Horticulture
  • Gardening
  • Seaweed farming
  • Nursery
  • Seed
  • Aquaponics
  • Aboveground agriculture
  • Search
  • culture
  • tree cultivation
  • Sports field

Lighting for crops under plastic or glass greenhouses

To date in France, Europe and the world there are a multitude of greenhouses of different types such as tunnel, double walls, glass, open, semi-open, closed etc. Each of these production tools has pros and cons. Nevertheless there is a convergence point, the light remains one of the problems in the process of photosynthesis…  . Learn more

Lighting for crops under greenhouses photo-voltaic

Rare are the photovoltaic greenhouses that allow to grow normally, without having an illumination too handicapped by the existing structures. VGD helps to overcome this problem, and its photosynthetic lighting solutions allow to grow all year round fruits and vegetables to make the most of the material investment. Learn more

Indoor crop lighting

VDG is able to bring solutions in addition to natural light, but also in total substitution, allowing to easily deploy productions in indoor and confined environments. Its ultra-precise devices allow to control very finely the different levels of illumination and to guarantee an optimum level of requirement. Learn more

Lighting for young plants and culture Chambers

VGD offers solutions to ensure optimal growth for young plants. Many seed growers and multipliers are already working with VGD in order to provide optimum control devices. Furthermore, VGD has its own Chamber of culture in order to carry out tests and pre-series, near Avignon and Agroparc. Learn more