VGD technology, unique in its kind, allows you to control at the finest and maximize the light component for your plantations.

• Our 360 ° plant lighting platform allows you to quickly adapt to your needs, whether hardware or software, for a tailor-made solution in your production environment
• suitable for environments with high profitability requirements
• supply of complete custom LED lighting or simply LEDs and electronic cards
• control of each LED lamp / equipment according to a predefined program (timetables, DLI, PPFD, light composition by wavelength, bandwidth …), by growth phase (germination, flowering, harvest) and by type of culture (tomatoes, salads, medical cannabis, flowers, micro-shoots …)
• VGD has culture chambers, so it is possible to test pre-series before full deployment in a commercial environment
• plant growth and light absorption sensors
• implementation of protocols appropriate to each type of culture
• integration of the software / management part in line with your existing software management
• implementation of test lighting or commercial production scenarios