Vegetal Grow Development (VGD) can provide you with an intelligent and efficient LED lighting solution to boost your cannabis production and increase the quality of your yields, whatever your type of cultivation and layout.

For ethical reasons, VGD only offers solutions for the therapeutic cannabis industry.

Produce more but better!

You are a pharmaceutical laboratory or an industrial producer of therapeutic cannabis, you have cannabis plants and want to increase their quality and yield?

VGD not only enables you to produce more but also to increase the quality of your production. VGD technology brings you an adaptive light system doped with artificial intelligence to improve your cannabis production.

Professional LED lighting for therapeutic cannabis

VGD brings you an adaptive light system powered by artificial intelligence to improve your cannabis production.

How? Thanks to an innovative lighting system that balances the natural contribution of the sun with led lights that provide the right light spectrum at the right time according to the stage of growth of the plant. No more need to light all the time, save up to 60% on your energy consumption while greatly reducing your carbon footprint!

The right light at the right time for the highest quality cannabis crops 365 days a year.

  • Specific lighting protocols for cannabis crops,
  • Artificial intelligence-assisted turnkey platform for
  • manage all year round production and milestones, growth rates,
  • crop homogeneity and energy savings,
  • Prevention of pathogen epidemics,
  • Uniform yield from the bottom to the top of the plant,
  • Optimization of light penetration into the canopy,
  • Programming of light spectrum and light intensity (DLI)
  • depending on the wavelength for several zones,
  • The quality of cannabidiol is assured by varying spectra of
  • to refine the levels of terpene, cannabinoids and THC,
  • Periodic assistance by our physiologists,
  • Equipment guaranteed from 3 to 5 years,
  • Fully automatable to optimize the efficiency of your staff,
  • Plug and Play installation in a few days / weeks,
  • Anti-piracy with wired solutions instead of radio waves.

Cannabis is a demanding plant that needs adequate specific light intensity and penetration.

Our controllable artificial intelligence platform provides optimal real-time lighting specially designed to meet the specificities of the hemp plant. The sensors precisely measure and control the DLI in real time according to a predefined lighting profile (crop profile, lighting profile, timetables,…) for each light fixture or each m2 of crop ( Measurement and control of the PPFD (up to 344 µmol/s/m² at 40 cm) in real time).

VGD lighting is close to natural sunlight and is the only system that can produce 6 different qualifying wavelengths. By producing only the colour you need, you optimize your yields while improving the organoleptic properties of your cannabis plants.

Control the vegetative and flowering phases of your cannabis plants simply from your smartphone, tablet or pc thanks to the piloting application that informs you in real time about your consumption and allows you to control it.

Growth Stage Management by Sector

Advantages of the VGD lighting solution for therapeutic cannabis:

  • Analyze the composition of the light spectrum in real time
  • Execute your lighting protocols and strategies
  • Achieve your production goals in complete safety
  • Improve yields and increase your revenues
  • The impact of Led VGD luminaires on the cannabis plant
  • The VGD solution increases THC levels by up to +32%.

The concentration of delta-9-THC in leaf tissue increased by 22% and 48% with daily UV doses of 6.7 and 13.4 kJ.m-², respectively, compared to controls. The same levels of UV radiation resulted in a 15% and 32% increase in delta-9-THC, respectively, in flower tissue. (Lyndon et al.)

Environmental friendliness & energy savings up to 70%.