Produce your tomatoes all year round while reducing your electricity bill and your carbon footprint? It’s possible with Vegetal Grow Development, the expert in horticultural lighting.

No more energy consumption with disappointing results, switch to VGD lighting and make significant gains quickly and effortlessly!

Produce more but better!
VGD allows you not only to produce more but to increase the quality of your production.

How can you do this? Thanks to an innovative lighting system that balances the natural contribution of the sun with LED lights that provide the right light spectrum at the right time according to the stage of growth of the plant. No more need to light non-stop, save up to 60% on your energy consumption while greatly reducing your carbon footprint!

Professional tomato LED lighting
Tomato lighting holds no secrets for VGD. With more than 1 hectare of lighting on tomato farms today, our customers have seen the difference!

Results of VGD lighting on tomato crops:


  • 2 weeks on the first harvest
  • 3.5 weeks on last harvests
  • +38% efficiency (kg/m2) due to LED lighting vs. non-lit lighting

Shortening of the flowering-harvest period:

  • 3.5 weeks on flowering
  • x2 densification of crops with the same energy

0 Impact :

  • On plant architecture
  • Chlorophyll content
  • Oxidative stress of photosystems

Organoleptic properties :

  • +15% BRIX rate (sugar content)
  • +15% fruit firmness
  • +33% best aromas
  • +40% sweetness
  • -44% on a taste of water

Energy consumption

  • 41% Electricity consumed thanks to real-time control (dynamic vs. fixed spectrum)

The right light at the right time for high quality tomato crops 365 days a year

VGD lighting is close to natural sunlight and is the only system that can produce 6 different qualifying wavelengths. By producing only the colour you need, you optimize your yields and get the best quality for your tomatoes.

The software’s artificial intelligence allows you to precisely define the light spectrum adapted in real time to the different needs of the plant during its entire growing cycle. The control of consumption is very simply done from your smartphone, tablet or pc thanks to the application enriched with continuous data.

Advantages of the VGD lighting solution for tomatoes
Analyze the composition of the light spectrum in real time
Execute your lighting protocols and strategies
Achieve your production goals in complete safety
Improve yields and increase your revenues