The VGD “Vegetal Grow Development” solution is led by Light in the Led, an agile and innovative start-up specializing in “Grow Lighting”. The t
eam is made up of engineers and technicians with complementary skills (plant eco-physiologists, agronomists, electronics, programmers, optoelectronicians), who have the same aim of offering you an innovative global solution, services, software and hardware dedicated to the world of horticultural lighting mainly. These solutions, dedicated to the world of photosynthetic lighting, are manufactured in France.

Our history

The start-up was launched in 2018 in Provence by 3 young entrepreneurs who have detected revolutionary opportunities to improve horticultural lighting to invent an innovative way of growing that reconciles productivity and quality and sustainable development.

Under pressure from the agri-food market to produce ever more, with better products, closer to the consumer and promoting natural solutions, VGD appears as an ideal solution since 100% natural, very weakly energy-intensive, limiting inputs while maximizing taste properties and allowing local re-implanting of crops that would not grow without this solution.

The totally natural solution for the plant maximizes the amount of light for plants, while reducing energy consumption through artificial intelligence. It can illuminate crops with controllable Leds (by type of crop, by stage of growth, by level of sunlight in real time, or according to the other parameters of the crop and fluids necessary for its growth) and to generate productivity gains of 30 to 500%, while improving taste properties.

This solution was recognized immediately by industry experts and professionals, as the team of now 8 people managed to gain the trust in less than a year of industry leaders across the value chain: seed companies, producers industrial or independent farmers, renowned research and development centres in the plant, agri-food industry,…

The founders’ team

Sébastien Deprade
CEO – business development Self-taught entrepreneur in the smart lighting market

Guillaume Marie
VP Engineering – Technology Technical Director, Software Solutions and Design Office

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Nicolas Chauvin
VP Plant Pole Director of Plant Physiology