Naturally optimize production yields from 1.2 to 5x and consume 30-60% less energy.

Led plant lighting complements natural light. Assisted by Artificial Intelligence, it increases plant growth while improving the organoleptic properties of crops (taste, texture, size,…)

Plant growth and yields

38% efficiency (kg/m2) due to Led vs unlit lighting

  • Less than 2 weeks on the first harvest
  • Plus 3.5 weeks on last harvests
  • Shortening the flowering-harvest time
  • Less than 3.5 weeks on flowering
  • x2 densification of crops with the same energy

Organoleptic properties

  • 15% BRIX rate (sugar level)
  • 15% firmness of fruit
  • 33% best aromas
  • 40% sweet taste
  • -44% on a taste of water

No negative impact on plant architecture, chlorophyll content, no oxidative stress of photosystems

Energy consumption

-41% of electricity consumed through real-time control (dynamic spectrum vs fixed)

Figures after internal testing, among VGD customers or in partnership with the technical teams of plant research and development centres