Born from the meeting of three entrepreneurs with shared visions and experts in lighting, engineering and plant physiology, VGD deploys light control products and services to the service of plant growth.

The concept in video

Artificial intelligence simply helps you make the right decisions

The VGD solution, deployable in a few days, whatever the existing Park:

  • improves plant growth by type of crop,
  • minimises energy consumption,
  • optimizes the use of inputs and other inputs,
  • Led or sodium lighting according to natural light,
  • drastically improves m2 yield and crop distribution

Optimized lighting for every culture

Optimized lighting for every culture

Because each culture is unique, and depends on multiple factors, VGD has modeled hundreds of different scenarios that allow to control as finely as possible the contribution of light to the plants, according to different cultures, the different growth stages and above all the external conditions of culture and climate.

The added value of VGD solutions

Led lighting driven by artificial intelligence and adapted to crop profiles allows an overall productivity gain of 30 to 300%, depending on the cultures and their context.

An expertise from the seed to the plate

Consumer trends are clearly moving towards more qualitative, sustainable and consumer-related crops. Thus, VGD has deployed solutions throughout the value chain, and allows upstream and downstream to impact sustainably the quality of crops.

VGD solutions include:

  • Seed: accelerate testing on new seeds and seedlings
  • Plant multipliers: increase the growth of young shoots and seedlings more quickly
  • Producers: develop the growth and flowering phases, amplify and control ripening
  • Distributors: better conserve plants at the end of the chain