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The VGD solution was born in 2018 after extensive testing and development. Very quickly, it surrounded itself with recognized experts and partners in order to push the concept even further. In addition, the first supports and customers allowed to validate the relevance of the concept, validate the physiological benefits, as well as the productivity gains.
CTIFL has deployed greenhouses with the VGD solution to measure the effects on plant growth.
The VGD solution is distributed by one of Europe’s leading lighting companies, present in 17 countries.
Terralia: Based near Agroparc in Avignon, VGD is a member of the Terralia network.
The VGD solution was awarded at the SIVAL 2018, as soon as it was released. We have been awarded Bronze Laureate 2020 at SIVAL Innovation in the category “Services and Software”…


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There is no point in producing more if it is at the expense of quality. We are aware of today’s challenges, produce in an environmentally friendly way and get the best out of your operations. VGD combines the two to provide you with an efficient and effective supply of light, as light is the main factor in the development of the plant. With VGD, improve plant growth, the reproducibility of your crops, your profitability per m2, your energy bill, and above all increase productivity! Find out more about the results obtained with VGD solutions.

+ 300 %
Gain de croissance végétale
- 60 %
Gain facture énergétique
100 %
Goût préservé ou meilleur
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