Services for your crops

We offer various products and services that are easy to deploy to increase your yields while guaranteeing the preservation or even improvement of the organoleptic properties of your crops.

Our ambition is to do everything possible so that you can get the best from your operations, because we are aware of the cost of each investment and of the need to find effective, long-term responses to the climatic hazards that we are experiencing.

Laboratory & Research

VGD involves its R&D teams and partners in artificial intelligence and plant growth in order to develop either its own products or those of its customers for fundamental, applied or pre-series research. VGD, C.I.R. approved, also has a culture chamber for monitoring your projects.

Example of projects implemented
  • Implementation of a software and hardware solution for controlling horticultural lighting, integrating cultivation profiles of tomatoes and cucumbers in the sector,
  • Establishment of a culture chamber for a European leader in seeds,
  • Establishment of a culture chamber and pre-series for a world leader in fertilizer production,
  • Implementation of intelligent lighting solutions for the construction industry.
  • Design of a lighting control software solution with artificial intelligence for a European leader in lighting.
  • Creation of a model of an illuminated market stall for the conservation and growth of aromatic plants.
  • Prototype of an illuminated and multi-fluid autonomous container dedicated to urban culture.
  • Improvement of the laying of soldier flies for the recovery of organic food waste.
Chambre de culture intégrée VGD

Team skills

VGD teams can help you with your issues by integrating their own expertise:

  • Horticultural, building or event lighting
  • Photosynthetic lighting
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Plant growth, plant ecophysiology
  • Agro-weather sensors
  • Electronic components
  • Spectrum of light

The VGD integrated culture chamber

Located in Provence, near Avignon and Agroparc, our grow room allows you to test products, lighting and pre-series in a controlled environment.

Light training for plants

VGD regularly organizes trainings for farmers, producers, etc. in order to popularize or deepen the relationship between light and plant growth, and to allow trainees to learn about advanced horticultural production techniques.

These training courses were sometimes provided in partnership with institutes specializing in plants, competitiveness clusters, chambers of agriculture, agricultural cooperatives, etc.

Formation lumière VGD
Services - Formation lumière pour le végétal
Topics covered in the training (on-demand training possible):
  • Photosynthesys
  • Plant needs
  • Impacts of light on living things and plants
  • Photoperiodism
  • Light spectrum
  • Good light / bad light
  • Energy requirements of plants
  • Horticultural lighting
  • Light in greenhouse production
  • Impacts on organoleptic properties

Light audit

Determination of the challenges and objectives, study of the existing (material, culture, yield, consumption, etc.), calculation of the expected yields and savings, recommendations and tailor-made costing of the implementation.


Audit of the existing, projects and infrastructure.

Audit éclairage chambre de culture lumière rose
Audit culture serre verre

Energy savings simulation and financing solutions.


Concrete measurement of your lighting and avenues for optimization.
Loan of equipment if necessary

Support and monitoring of culture

Functional maintenance of the software package, follow-up and advice from our plant eco-physiologists, follow-up of equipment maintenance from our certified partners.


Management and assessment of your crops and energy

Eclairage Led Power Lumia - Pascal Soulard Mairie Paris
Nicolas Chauvin observation fraises serre tunnel

Remote VGD monitoring possible.


Adjustment of the post-operations culture model / profile using AI.