Culture chamber

Example of two culture chambers equipped with the Racklight lumia VGD 1.5m luminaire.
Following the search for the suitable spectrum for his culture, with the VGD 6-way multispectral luminaire, the customer chose to go with an industrialized product as standard with the spectrum of his choice variable in intensity.
VGD provides support, from needs analysis through to industrialization, alongside partners such as refrigeration engineers or greenhouse operators.

Rack Light

Bouches du Rhône

VGD culture chamber

The culture chamber allows the physiological team to be able to conduct tests throughout the year with different products and a multitude of spectra in order to best support its customers and partners.
VGD is involved in research to address the various issues encountered by farmers.


Seed company 1

Among many seed companies who have equipped themselves with VGD multispectral technology, we find this example in which research teams can produce up to 24 different spectral modalities that will be used simultaneously in the same regulated environment.
What to save time on the cycles and to have comparisons by having only the variable of the modality of the spectrum.

VF Box

Highrack 6 channels


Seed company 2

Another example of enclosed equipment without shelves.
After the needs characterization, a study was carried out in order to provide the right number of products and the layout in the space.