The breeding and processing of insects into ingredients for animal nutrition is a topic increasingly discussed. The recovery of food waste, which serves as a substrate for the development of insects, as well as the production of new proteins that can be assimilated by breeding, make this method a virtuous cycle on global societal issues.

VGD intervenes, through its lighting expertise and its lighting system, on the increase and homogeneity of insect production.

  • Producers
  • Technical centers and research institutes

Soldier fly

  • Increase egg laying
  • Promote reproduction
  • Increase the hatching rate

Some examples of compatible solutions


  • Release the locks
  • Accelerates cycles
  • Only multispectral luminaire that can illuminate from 1000 to 100mm of distance with perfect homogeneity
  • Programmable channel by channel
  • No limit of use except your imagination
  • High performance and high guarantee

  • Control your existing solutions
  • Indispensable to simulate all the solstices in the world
  • Plug & Play
  • Makes your growing environments intelligent and interactive
  • Data log and monitoring

  • Simple but effective
  • Calibrated according to your installation
  • Mobile and suitable for small experiments
  • Control all VGD technology at your fingertips
  • Economical and reliable
  • Increased laying rate
  • Increased hatching rate
  • Pre-industrialization of VGD fixed spectrum LED products to reduce costs

The insect production cycle is perfectly suited to the recovery of food waste resulting from unsold products, oversized products and others. This waste represents about 20% of food production. The use of light on insects helps to sustain and increase reproductive cycles, laying rates and hatching rates. The insects are then processed and used primarily for animal nutrition.

Nicolas ChauvinDirector of R&D in plant ecophysiology VGD