Greenhouse market gardening is the most widespread crop in Europe. The growing scarcity of our resources has a direct influence on production methods. Producing better and more using the least amount of water, electricity and inputs possible is the mixture of producer know-how and innovation.

Light is the first natural factor governing the ecosystem of living things. Whether natural or artificially supplemented, it has an impact on yield, earliness, but also organoleptic, physico-chemical and sensory aspects. Depending on the type of infrastructure (glass greenhouses, tunnels, photovoltaics, double walls, etc.), the light behaves differently and suitable lighting solutions are available for most of these vegetable crops.

  • Producers
  • Seeds
  • Research centers and technical institutes

Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pepper, Melon, …

  • Increase tomato production (kg / m², number of fruits)
  • Improve organoleptic properties (taste, physico-chemical properties, presentation, etc.)
  • Optimize production time (earliness, late crops, flowering-harvest shortening, etc.)
  • Reduce energy consumption related to lighting
  • Test the impact of different light spectra in order to define optimal lighting protocols

Some examples of compatible solutions


  • Innovative vertical intra-culture lighting
  • Lightens from the apex to the 3rd bouquet
  • Support culture
  • Consumes little for formidable efficiency
  • 3 ha already installed
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Glare-free guarantee
  • Harvest or flowering boost mode
  • + 18% yield for – 30m²

  • Top culture lighting
  • Up to 3.5μmol / J
  • Diffuse and homogeneous illumination
  • Replaces two HPS 600W
  • Limits stress on the plant
  • Simulates sunrise and sunset

  • The intelligence of our experts
  • 4 years of know-how
  • Remote access
  • Drastic energy savings
  • Controls all lighting solutions
  • Integrates easily
  • API with agro-climatic management
Results on tomatoes

3.5 weeks ahead of flowering.
2.5 weeks in advance of the first harvest, shorter flowering-harvest time,

+ 40% efficiency,
+ 12% vitamin C,
+ 15% in fruit firmness,
+ 15% in degree BRIX (sugar level),

+ 33% better taste,
+ 40% perceived sweet taste,
– 44% water taste

I have gained in homogeneity of production throughout the season with an early arrival on the market. The fact of having bet on a controlled complement of light, on the advice of VGD, allows me to have an easier return on investment.

Patrick RouxProducer