Whether on an economic or fundamental scale, research needs precise tools and know-how in order to remove technical and scientific obstacles. A technology that is too limited and / or not mastered can lead to approximations, errors and sometimes abortions of research projects because of the limiting factors of the technologies used. This is why our qualified tools and our teams from the R&D center in plant and technical physiology are able to support you and help you set up tests with light. Lighting acts as much on photosynthetic aspects as it does on messages based on light signals. Light impacts physiological processes to induce mechanisms within the plant. They promote defense, stress, a change in growth stage and many other levers.

  • Seeds
  • Nurseries
  • Multipliers
  • Vertical farming
  • Independent producers
  • Technical centers and research institutes

PPAM, Tomatoes, Peppers, Seeds, Pathosystems, Strawberries, Spirulina, Algae, Lawns, …

  • Increase performance
  • Speed ​​up the production cycle
  • Control the reproducibility of cultures
  • Quickly test new varieties
  • Increase the production of molecules of interest
  • Produce all year round
  • Increase quality
  • Speed ​​breeding
  • Culture homogeneity
  • Improved post-harvest conservation

Some examples of compatible solutions


  • Release the locks
  • Accelerates cycles
  • Only multispectral luminaire that can illuminate from 1000 to 100mm distance with perfect homogeneity
  • Programmable channel by channel
  • No limit of use except your imagination
  • High performance and high guarantee

  • Control your existing solutions
  • Indispensable to simulate all the solstices in the world
  • Plug & Play
  • Makes your growing environments intelligent and interactive
  • Data log and monitoring

  • Simple but effective
  • Calibrated according to your installation
  • Mobile and suitable for small experiments
  • Control all VGD technology at your fingertips
  • Economical and reliable
  • Definition of the optimal light spectrum, suitable for several types of crops with standard luminaire industrialization
  • Replacement of fluorescent tubes in the culture chamber with an optimized spectrum
  • Seed production cycle for bell pepper reduced by 18 days
  • Optimization of crop management on raspberries, tomatoes and strawberries
  • Definition of light signals to break dormancy
  • Definition of light signals to be provided at a specific stage of development to increase vitamin C concentrations
  • Facilitated observation of different pathosystems (hosts – pathogens)

Vegenov being a service provider in the field of cell biology and phytopathology, we were looking for a tool allowing us to be able to test an unlimited number of light recipes for our experiments in greenhouses and in culture chambers. We have therefore acquired the VGD Led "High Rack 6 way" lighting system. This equipment allows us today to offer our seed and agrochemical customers the opportunity to study the impact of lighting on plant metabolism and growth as well as on the development of plant microorganisms.

Mickaël EuzenR&D engineer in cell biology - Vegenov