Techno VGD

Born from the meeting of three entrepreneurs with shared visions and experts in lighting, engineering and plant physiology, VGD deploys light management products and services in the service of plant growth.

The concept on video

Schéma concept VGD
Les capteurs intégrés enregistrent l’ensemble des informations hygrométriques, d’éclairement, de températures, de consommation d’énergie et d’ indicateur de performance. Ces données permettent au programme d’analyser et d’adapter son déroulement en fonction des conditions météorologiques.
Les luminaires LEDS, exclusifs VGD sont les seuls sur le marché à être équipés de 7 longueurs d’ondes qualifiées, ce qui les rend toutes individuellement modulables pour les associer de façon intelligente à l’apport naturel du soleil.
Le serveur central analyse les différentes données pour enrichir automatiquement la base de données d’intelligence artificielle du progiciel.
Depuis votre smartphone ou tablette, vous pouvez contrôler et piloter le programme et consulter les différentes données récoltées. Grâce à une interface ergonomique, vous avez la possibilité de trouver facilement toutes les propositions de scénarios propres à vos cultures.

Luminaire multispectral

Range of controllable LEDs for horticulture, 100% made in France. Each wavelength can be programmed simply from an ergonomic and secure management interface. Developed in partnership with the lighting leader Airis (present in 17 countries) and tested and appraised by the essential reference in the sector, CTIFL.


6 wavelengths that can be independently controlled in real time.

Luminaire led VGD - Top max lumia
Lumière bleu luminaire led VGD
Lumière verte luminaire led VGD
Lumière rouge luminaire led VGD
Full range

Different models adapted to each crop in top, rack or vertical position.

Simple and durable

Installation in a few days with our approved partners.
Lifespan> 50,000 hours (15 years)

More information

Smart sensors

Measurement of natural and / or artificial lighting conditions, fluids, inputs, detection of growth, …

Our flagship product is a spectroradiometer that accurately calculates real-time illumination data to determine what natural light supplements to add.


Allows planning of the complementing efforts of the lighting to be installed.


Detection of predictable growth delays.


Simple and quick solution to deploy.

Horticultural lighting control unit

All-in-one control and optimization box for lighting and plant growth. Compatible with VGD Smart Leds, Leds on the market, Sodium lamps and others. It allows, among other things, to finely control each wavelength and to configure crop growth scenarios.

Artificial intelligence

Detects climatic and light fluctuations, optimizes the light spectrum in real time.

High compatibility

Compatible with VGD LEDs or other LED / HPS / Fluo lighting

Connected and secure

WiFi connection, wired, remote (4G +)
Secure data backup

A simple and user-friendly interface

The control software makes it possible, from an ergonomic interface, to configure the lighting and crops per plot upstream, to program the light levels and lighting targets for a given period.


Follow the smooth running of operations at a glance.


In one click, access the supervision of all the modalities and the good monitoring of each differently cultivated area.


Visualize your data, processed and analyzed by our experts.