The Interprofessional Technical Centre for Fruit and Vegetables (CTIFL) is an interprofessional applied research organisation that is the reference for the French fruit and vegetable sector. Through its work and innovations, it works to develop and diversify the production and marketing methods of each of the players in the sector

The CTIFL actions carried out in this framework can be grouped into 5 main themes:

  • Applied research, studies and experimentation
  • Technical assistance and advice in the marketing sector
  • The realization of training courses for distribution companies
  • Technical assistance to producers in the sector, mainly through the organisation of collective actions, the dissemination of technical and economic information, and the provision of training.
  • Fruit certification
  • Established in the heart of the main French fruit and vegetable production areas, the 4 CTIFL centres constitute, in partnership or association with the regional experimentation stations, a unique experimentation network in Europe.

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VGD and the CTIFL carry out tests for the agricultural sector and in particular for the market gardening sector.
VGD is present on two sites, Carquefou since 2 years and Balandran since this year. Both sites are equipped with VGD’s global lighting solution.

A collaboration in a logic of experimentation and continuous improvement to respond to the problems of the sector.

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