VGD involves its research and development teams and partners in artificial intelligence and plant growth to develop either its own products or those of its clients for basic, applied or pre-series research. VGD, C.I.R. , also has a culture room near Avignon in its own right to monitor your projects

Examples of projects

  • implementation of a software solution and hardware for steering horticultural lighting, incorporating profiles of tomato and cucumber cultivation into the sector,
  • setting up a growing chamber for a European seed leader,
  • design of a lighting steering software solution with artificial intelligence for a European leader in lighting,
  • creation of an enlightened merchant stall model for the conservation and growth of aromatic plants.
  • setting up a growing chamber and pre-series for a world leader in fertilizer production,
  • implementation of intelligent lighting solutions for the construction industry...
  • Improvement of the laying of soldiers flies for the valorisation of organic food waste.
  • prototype of an illuminated and multi-fluid autonomous container dedicated to urban culture

Team skills

VGD teams can help you with your issues by integrating their own expertise:

  • horticultural lighting, buildings or events
  • photosynthetic lighting
  • artificial intelligence
  • plant growth, plant eco-physiology
  • agro-meteo sensors
  • electronic components
  • spectrum of light

The VGD Integrated Culture Chamber

Located in Provence, near Avignon and Agroparc, our growing room allows you to test products, lighting and pre-series in an environment under control.