The lighting control box is a unique VGD solution that allows you to no longer worry about lighting to focus on its crops. Doped with artificial intelligence, the case detects climatic and light hazards, optimizes the light spectrum for plant growth phases and complements or replaces natural light in real time.

An assisted piloting of your illumination

A simple box to install, compatible with smart LEDs VGD or other lighting of the market (led or sodium, but with more limited performance), to remotely control its lighting

  • control of light in time (on/off mode, intra-day intensity management, control by wavelength)
  • local control (closed circuit, no data leak possible) or remotely (via Web or mobile app)

Technical aspects and performance

  • integration in greenhouses or indoor or vertical farming
  • compatible with LEDs VGD or other led/HPS/fluo lights
  • dimensions: 400mmX600mmx200mm
  • power: 100 Watts
  • processor: Intel I7, NVIDIA graphics card (machine learning)
  • Data logger: local (1000 GB) and/or unlimited in secure cloud
  • WiFi connectivity, wired, remote (4G +)
  • secure data backup
  • wired communication between luminaires (eliminates malicious interference)
  • Reliable terrain Modbus to control more than 3 HA

Simple and user-friendly control interface