VGD offers various products and services that are simple to deploy to increase your yields while guaranteeing the preservation and even improvement of the organoleptic properties of your crops. Our motivation is carried by the consideration of the double stake which is the expectation of consumers in terms of quality and respect for the environment and the need, for you, to produce in the optimization of the quality of your crops. Our ambition is to make every effort so that you can get the best of your farms, because we are aware of the burden of each investment and the need to find effective, long-term responses to the climatic hazards We know.

The smart vegetal box

The control box for horticultural lighting

All-in-one control and optimization box for lighting and plant growth. Compatible with VGD smart LEDs, market LEDs, sodium lamps and others. It allows, among other things, to control finely each wavelength and to set up scenarios of growth of cultures. Learn more

Smart controllable LEDs

Smart controllable LEDs

High performance LEDs, made in France by VGD, allowing to modulate the lighting according to the conditions of brightness in real time, to control in mode on/off or according to the programmed schedules, to mix the different wavelengths by plot or type of culture. The smart LEDs can be either top, vertical or intra culture and allow to boost growth while limiting the incoming and preserving the organoleptic properties of the crops.

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Smart sensors

Smart horticultural sensors

Intelligent sensors for natural and/or artificial lighting conditions, and other sensors for detecting or controlling growth, fluids or even inputs,… The flagship product of VGD is a spectroradiometer which allows to obtain with very high accuracy the data of daylight in real time in order to accurately determine the supplements of natural light to be brought to the cultures.

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Smart lighting lab

Research and development laboratory

The VGD teams are able to carry out any research or development project combining artificial intelligence, lighting and plant growth. The company is already working for the big names of applied research, research in Physiology or pathologies, seed seeds. In addition, VGD has a culture Chamber to implement pre-series.

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The main features of the VGD solution

Four main principles have guided the VGD teams to develop their solution.

Firstly, the idea of providing an eco-responsible quality solution: optimizing the ecological footprint of the farm, while perfusing the quality of the productions.

Secondly, the idea of intelligent plant growth: the relevance and accuracy of the information is given by the operational core of the system, based on the results of partnership research with the CTIFL, which are enriched in real time in equipped crops.

Third important factor, adaptability and scalability with the continuous reinforcement of the operational core by the Research Department to be able to exploit one of the widest varietal ranges of the market.

Finally, autonomy: the ergonomic interface makes it easy to find all the proposals of scenarios specific to the cultures or to take the hand to perform a manual adjustment.

Implement a project

The most advanced solutions can be put in place within a few days. Our methodology allows to intervene in 4 major phases:

1-audit and recommendations

Determination of the stakes and objectives, study of the existing (material, culture, performance, consumption…), calculation of the expected returns and savings, recommendations and costing tailored to the implementation

  • Auditing of existing, projects and infrastructures
  • Simulation of energy gains and financing solutions
  • Concrete measurement of your illumination and optimization tracks
  • Hardware loan if applicable.


Quality monitoring of the installations carried out by certified partners, assistance in project management to the realization of the site, commissioning and parameterisation of solutions for your crops, control assistance.

  • Validation submitted to tests
  • Standard or tailor-made solutions
  • Possible pre-series
  • Turnkey installation with recognized/local Integrator


Use of the software, advanced intervention, analysis of the information lifts.

  • Setup by crop/parcel/luminaire
  • Training in the VGD management tool
  • Phyto training in partnership with scientific partners/training


Functional maintenance of the software package, follow-up and advice of our eco-physiologists, maintenance of the equipment of our certified partners.

  • Control and balance of your crops and energy
  • Remote VGD monitoring possible
  • Post-operations culture model/profile adjustment through AI