VGD deploys services and solutions on behalf of its clients laboratories and research and development centers, mainly on everything that can affect the control of lighting and its physiological impact on plants

Some projects already carried out/underway

  • implementation of a software and hardware solution for the management of horticultural lighting, integrating profiles of cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers in the sector,
  • establishment of a culture Chamber for a European seed leader,
  • design of a lighting control software solution with artificial intelligence for a European leader in lighting,
  • realization of an illuminated merchant stall model for the conservation and growth of aromatic plants.
  • establishment of a culture and pre-series Chamber for a world leader in fertilizer production,
  • setting up intelligent lighting solutions for the construction industry...
  • Improvement of the laying of soldiers flies for the valorisation of organic food waste.
  • self-contained and multi-fluid container prototype dedicated to urban culture