As you may already know Grow Lighting is a 6 billion market worldwide . Led grow lighting solution is about 1/3 of this huge market.

Vegetal Grow Development award winning platform is in the Top 10 of Led Grow Lighting solutions worldwide, and surely in the top 3 smart grow lighting platform worldwide. Moreover, our unique software solution enables the piloting of many other grow lighting solutions (Led and HPS), that can be deployed in existing commercial greenhouses that already have lighting system, thus providing a much more efficient overall solution than any other on the market

Despite the fact that Vegetal Grow Development has a very rapid growth and is already available in several countries in the world, we can not target all commercial greenhouses and vertical farms grow lighting projects worldwide!

Thus, reliable resellers are welcomed on board! If you are a professional reseller or consultant and you have identified some projects we could work on together anywhere on the planet rapidly, please contact us to set-up a distribution or co-marketing agreement.

Vegetal Grow Development grow lighting solutions in a nutshell:

  • VGD grow lighting platform won Sival 2020, one of the first innovation contest for agriculture solutions in Europe, the first in France
  • solutions for commercial greenhouses, vertical farms, R&D laboratories, culture chambers….Our global turn-key platform (Led fixtures + monitoring software + smart light sensors) can be deployed for any new culture projects, our monitoring solutions (smart light sensor + monitoring box + software) can be deployed within existing greenhouses thus piloting HPS sodium or existing Led fixtures.
  • grow lighting enables better taste, more harvest, better organoleptic properties,…and our monitored solutions allows up to 60% less energy consumption compared to HPS
  • 360° grow lighting solutions
    • full dimmable or fixed spectrum Led fixtures for greenhouses or vertical farms,
    • monitoring box that can pilot in real time depending on lighting conditions, efficiently HPS sodium or any Led fixture
    • low-cost Led fixtures adapted to several crops
    • smart light spectrum sensors enabling huge energy savings according to inddor precise lighting conditions
    • vegetal growth consulting
    • on demand Led fixtures for horticulture
  • quite easy to sell and deploy
  • adapted for a large range of cultures : tomato, algae, red fruits, cucumber, medical cannabis, fruits, flowers, tobacco,…

Please contact us to set-up a distribution or co-marketing agreement.