By simply and securely deploying one or more intelligent spectro-radiometer-type sensors in your crops, VGD can detect deficiencies in terms of intensity and composition of natural light and make lighting recommendations accordingly, in order to prevent and anticipate growth delays.

Product benefits

  • Allows you to predict the effort required to complement the lighting to be installed
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Detection of predictable growth delays.

How do VGD light spectrum sensors for horticulture work?

These intelligent sensors study the light intensity generated by the natural input of the sun in real time and analyze the spectrum of light by wavelength. The control unit analyzes the light spectrum in real time and compensates the lighting accordingly. The data collected allows to design the adequate light spectrum according to the different elements established beforehand by the software according to the history and the production objectives .

VGD smart sensors are state-of-the-art technological tools that provide an accurate assessment of lighting quality instantly. Their information allows you to illuminate your crop with the most suitable light and thus provide optimal illumination.

VGD sensors can also be coupled with algorithms for real-time control of the light spectrum, taking into account correlations with other factors: natural light, water, energy consumption, CO2 levels, plant growth, etc., and allowing you to reduce energy and fluid costs.